Hardware Management Console (HMC) requirements

The Db2® Mirror nodes must be managed by a Hardware Management Console (HMC).

The IBM® i partition that will be used as the setup copy node for the cloning process must be created before beginning the Db2 Mirror configuration process. The partition does not need to be installed with the operating system, but it does need to be defined on the HMC and have all its hardware assigned to it. This partition can be defined on the same HMC or on a different HMC from the setup source node.

The HMC REST service must be running and using the default port 12443.

Table 1. Minimum required HMC firmware levels
Power System Minimum HMC firmware level required
Power10 V10R1M1010
POWER9™ V9R1.930.0
POWER8® V8R8.6.0