User interface

When setting up, managing, and monitoring the Db2® Mirror environment, there are two interfaces that can be used: the IBM® Db2 Mirror for i Graphical User Interface (GUI) and SQL services, consisting of SQL procedures, functions, and views.

Db2 Mirror GUI

The Db2 Mirror GUI interface is a browser based interface that runs on the IBM i. It can run on either of the two Db2 Mirror nodes or on a separate, third, IBM i node. The GUI is shipped in the base of the Db2 Mirror (5770DBM *BASE) which does not require a license key. If the GUI is run on a third IBM i node, no other Db2 Mirror product options are required for the GUI to run and manage Db2 Mirror environments. While the GUI can run on a Db2 Mirror node for management and monitoring purposes, it must be run from a third node for initial setup or when doing reconfiguration.

The GUI interface provides the necessary interfaces to set up and manage all aspects of the Db2 Mirror environment as seen here.

Figure 1. Db2 Mirror graphical user interface
Db2 Mirror graphical user interface

For details on setting up and using the GUI, see Introduction to the Db2 Mirror GUI.

SQL Services

As a programmatic alternative to the Db2 Mirror GUI, SQL services are provided to control and monitor Db2 Mirror. No IBM i CL commands or APIs are provided. See Db2 Mirror services for the services that are available. Useful examples of using SQL services to manage Db2 Mirror are included in Insert from Examples, part of IBM i Access Client Solutions (ACS) Run SQL Scripts.