Network Redundancy Groups

A Network Redundancy Group (NRG) is a construct that hides the complexity associated with automated physical network redundancy, failover, and load balancing of connections between the two nodes.

An NRG consists of one or more physical Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) enabled links between nodes.

From an application perspective, the NRG is a single logical link to the target node. The RDMA network stack transparently handles all processing that is related to which physical link is used at any given time based on the NRG configuration.

The following five NRGs are defined for the Db2® Mirror environment.
  1. Db2 Mirror Environment Manager
  2. Database Replication
  3. System Object Replication
  4. IFS Replication
  5. Resynchronization

By default, all links are available for use by all NRGs. However, the links can be configured to have a higher priority for a particular NRG by changing the default configuration. For more information on configuring your NRGs, see Managing NRGs.