QNTC Authentication changes

In prior releases, to use Kerberos with QNTC, the user profile's local password management (LCLPWDMGT) value had to be set to *NO. For a user profile with LCLPWDMGT set to *YES, QNTC would use the user profile name and password for authentication on the server.

Starting in IBM® i 7.5, it is not required to have the user profile's LCLPWDMGT value set to *NO in order to authenticate on the server using Kerberos in the QNTC file system. Users with LCLPWDMGT set to *YES may now see QNTC use Kerberos for authentication if the user has a valid ticket.

When a user with LCLPWDMGT set to *YES accesses QNTC, QNTC will first attempt to authenticate using Kerberos. If Kerberos authentication fails, QNTC will then use the user profile name and password.

For more information, see Authentication in the QNTC file system.