Distributing cluster-wide information

Learn about the security implications of using and managing cluster-wide information.

The Distribute Information (QcstDistributeInformation) API can be used to send messages from one node in a cluster resource group recovery domain to other nodes in that recovery domain. This can be useful in exit program processing. However, it should be noted that there is no encryption of that information. Secure information should not be sent with this mechanism unless you are using a secure network.

Non persistent data can be shared and replicated between cluster nodes by using the Clustered Hash Table APIs. The data is stored in non persistent storage. This means the data is retained only until the cluster node is no longer part of the clustered hash table. These APIs can only be used from a cluster node that is defined in the clustered hash table domain. The cluster node must be active in the cluster.

Other information distributed by using cluster messaging is similarly not secured. This includes the low level cluster messaging. When changes are made to the exit program data, there is no encryption of the message containing that data.