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What's New in 7.4?

The following list describes the enhancements made to ILE COBOL in 7.4:

  • The new ALLOCATE statement obtains dynamic storage, while the new FREE statement releases dynamic storage that was previously obtained with an ALLOCATE statement.

  • The EXIT statement includes the following new formats, which provide a structured way to exit without using a GO TO statement.
    • Format 5, EXIT PERFORM statement for exiting from an inline PERFORM statement.

    • Format 6, EXIT PARAGRAPH or EXIT SECTION statement for exiting from the middle of a paragraph or exiting from a section respectively.

  • Enhancements are made to the INITIALIZE statement:
    • A new FILLER phrase is added so that FILLER data items can be initialized with the INITIALIZE statement.

    • A new VALUE phrase is added so that elementary data items can be initialized to the literal specified in the VALUE clause.

    • The INITIALIZE statement supports NATIONAL-EDITED as a REPLACING category and can initialize national groups and numeric or numeric-edited data that has USAGE NATIONAL.

  • A new format of the SORT statement, the table SORT statement, arranges table elements in a user-specified sequence.

  • The following new compiler directives are added to support conditional compilation:
    • The DEFINE directive defines or undefines a compilation variable.

    • The EVALUATE directive provides a multi-branch method of choosing the source lines to include in a compilation group.

    • The IF directive provides for a one-way or two-way conditional compilation.

    • The new DEFINE parameter for the CRTBNDCBL and CRTCBLMOD commands provides a way to define compilation variables before the compilation begins.

      See Parameters of the CRTCBLMOD Command.

  • A new floating comment indicator (the character string '*>') can be coded to indicate that the ensuing text on a line is an inline comment

Note: There may be screen captures in this guide that contain obsolete references to iSeries.
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