Replication Criteria List configuration

Before cloning can be performed, the default inclusion state must be selected and any initial replication rules must be defined.

Mirror Options

On the mirror options page you must select the default inclusion state for *SYSBAS and each IASP that you have specified to be part of the Db2® Mirror environment.

For each entry listed, choose the default inclusion state from the selection list.

For additional information on the Replication Criteria List (RCL) and the default inclusion state, see Replication Criteria List.

Figure 1. Specify Mirror options for SYSBAS and any specified IASP
Specify Mirror options for SYSBAS and any specified IASP

Click Next to continue. The RCL for SYSBAS and for each of the listed IASPs will be initialized. After this point, if you decide you want to change your default inclusion state, you will be required to Reset the RCL which will remove any specific rules you specify in the following steps.

Rules - *SYSBAS

You are now shown the list of rules for *SYSBAS. You can review the system specified rules and add new user defined rules. This is where you specify rules to determine whether an object should be included in replication. For more details on adding rules to the RCL see Managing the Replication Criteria List.

Figure 2. RCL Rules for *SYSBAS
RCL Rules for *SYSBAS

Click Next to continue.

Rules - IASPs

If you have one or more database IASPs that are to be included as part of the Db2 Mirror environment, you can specify rules to determine which objects in each IASP are to be included in replication.

Click Save and Continue to proceed to the next step.