Performing online backups

You can reduce your backup window by saving objects while they are still in use on the system or by conducting online backups.


The save-while-active function is an option available through Backup, Recovery, and Media Services (BRMS) and on several save commands. Save-while-active can significantly reduce your backup window or eliminate it altogether. It allows you to save data on your system while applications are still in use without the need to place your system in a restricted state. Save-while-active creates a checkpoint of the data at the time the save operation is issued. It saves that version of the data while allowing other operations to continue.

Online backups

Another method of backing up objects while they are in use is known as an online backup. Online backups are similar to save-while-active backups, except that there are no checkpoints. This means that users can use the objects the whole time they are being backed up. BRMS supports the online backup of Lotus® servers, such as Domino® and QuickPlace. You can direct these online backups to a tape device, media library, save files, or a Tivoli® Storage Manager (TSM) server.

Note: It is important that you continue to back up system information in addition to any save-while-active or online backups you do. There is important system information that cannot be backed up using save-while-active or online backups.