VT100 and VT220 control character keywords

The VT100 and VT220 control character keywords are listed in the table.

Table 1. VT100 and VT220 control character keywords
Control character description Key+CTRL Keyword Hexadecimal character transmitted
Null Spacebar *NUL X'00'
Start of heading A *SOH,*CTLA X'01'
Start of text B *STX,*CTLB X'02'
End of text C *ETX,*CTLC X'03'
End of transmission D *EOT,*CTLD X'04'
Enquire E *ENQ,*CTLE X'05'
Acknowledge F *ACK,*CTLF X'06'
Bell G *BEL,*CTLG X'07'
Back Space H *BS,*CTLH X'08'
Horizontal tabulation I *HT,*CTLI X'09'
Line feed J *LF,*CTLJ X'0A'
Vertical tab K *VT,*CTLK X'0B'
Form feed L *FF,*CTLL X'0C'
Carriage return M *CR,*CTLM X'0D'
Shift out N *SO,*CTLN X'0E'
Shift in O *SI,*CTLO X'0F'
Data link escape P *DLE,*CTLP X'10'
Device control 1 Q *DC1,*CTLQ X'11'
Device control 2 R *DC2,*CTLR X'12'
Device control 3 S *DC3,*CTLS X'13'
Device control 4 T *DC4,*CTLT X'14'
Negative acknowledgement U *NAK,*CTLU X'15'
Synchronous idle V *SYN,*CTLV X'16'
End of transmission block W *ETB,*CTLW X'17'
Cancel previous word or character X *CAN,*CTLX X'18'
End of medium Y *EM,*CTLY X'19'
Substitute Z *SUB,*CTLZ X'1A'
Escape [ *ESC X'1B'
File separator \ *FS X'1C'
Group separator ] *GS X'1D'
Record separator &eqv. *RS X'1E'
Unit separator ? *US X'1F'
Delete   *DEL X'7F'