Remote power-on and restart (QRMTIPL)

One part of your system security plan is to determine whether you will allow remote users to power-on and restart the system. The Remote power-on and restart (QRMTIPL) system value provides you the ability to start the remote system by using your telephone and a modem or the SPCN signal.

When QRMTIPL is set to 1 (Yes), any telephone call causes the system to restart. Even though this system value deals with restart options of your system, it has security implications. Obviously you do not want someone inadvertently restarting your systems. However, if you use a remote system to administer your system you will need to allow remote restart.

Table 1. Possible values for the remote power-on and restart system value (QRMTIPL)
Value Description
0 Do not allow remote power-on and restart
1 Allow remote power-on and restart