Adding the SHIPDEPT.MYCO.COM realm to System A

You must define the SHIPDEPT.MYCO.COM realm on System A so System A can determine where to find the IBM® i PASE Kerberos server within the SHIPDEPT.MYCO.COM realm.

Follow these steps to define the SHIPDEPT.MYCO.COM realm:
  1. In IBM Navigator for i, expand IBM i Management > Security > All Tasks > Network Authentication Service.
  2. Click Realm, and select Add realm from the Actions pull-down.
  3. On the Add Realm dialog box, specify the following information, and click OK.
    1. Realm to add: SHIPDEPT.MYCO.COM
    2. KDC:
    3. Port: 88
  4. Verify that the SHIPDEPT.MYCO.COM realm appears in the list.
You have now completed the steps to configure a cross-realm trust relationship between the ORDEPT.MYCO.COM and the SHIPDEPT.MYCO.COM realms.