DS8000 Full System HyperSwap

Full System HyperSwap® is a full system solution that allows for logical units that are mirrored between two IBM® System Storage® DS8000® units. The IBM i may switch the access from the primary DS8000 to the secondary DS8000 with minimal outage during this time, providing a minimal impact high availability solution.

DS8000 Full System HyperSwap is a single IBM i system solution that uses two IBM System Storage Servers and does not require a cluster. IBM i provides the ability for the system to switch between the DS8000 servers for planned and unplanned storage side outages without losing access to the data during the switch.

Planned DS8000 Full System HyperSwap example.

Since HyperSwap uses DS8000 Metro Mirror function, data transfer is done synchronously. You must be aware of the same distance limitations, and bandwidth requirements that are associated with transmission times as with any solution when synchronous communications are sent.

Characteristics of Full System HyperSwap
  • Single system solution.
  • Single IBM i partition with access to two IBM System Storage Systems.
  • Two IBM System Storage Servers that are using IBM System Storage Copy Services Peer-to-Peer Remote Copy (PPRC) Metro Mirror function.
  • All disk units that are attached to the IBM i system must be in a Metro Mirror relationship in order for HyperSwap to function.
  • Data transfer is synchronous.
  • Near-zero downtime for planned storage outages
  • Minimal downtime for unplanned storage outages (seconds to minutes)
  • Affinity definition to allow automatic switch of storage servers during a PowerVM® Live Partition Mobility (LPM) switch