Default PASE CCSID and Locale Changed to UTF-8

When a PASE application is started using the QP2TERM and QSH shell environments or QP2SHELL and QP2SHELL2 APIs, a matching PASE CCSID and PASE locale are selected based on the current job's LANGID and CNTRYID. For most LANGID/CNTRYID pairs, in IBM® i 7.3 and prior releases, a single byte encoding such as ISO-8859-1 (819) was used and a matching single byte PASE locale was selected. For any LANGID/CNTRYID pair which did not have a corresponding PASE locale, the POSIX locale was used with CCSID 819.

In IBM i 7.4, the default is now UTF-8 (1208) for all locales. If a valid PASE locale is not found for the current LANGID/CNTRYID, the POSIX locale is still used, but the CCSID is set to 1208.

Setting the environment variable PASE_DEFAULT_UTF8 to "N" in the current job will allow the prior behavior to be used. Any active QP2TERM or QSH sessions will have to be ended and restarted to take effect.

PASE applications started by Qp2RunPase or fork/exec are not affected by this change.

These LANGID/CNTRYID pairs are also not affected by this change as they only support UTF-8:
  • CHS, CN
  • CHT, TW
  • EST, EE
  • JPN, JP
  • KOR, KR
  • LTU, LT
  • LVA, LV
  • VIE, VN