Restart system values: Startup program to set up system

The Startup program to set up system system value is also known as QSTRUPPGM. You can use this system value to specify the program used to set up the system.

Quick reference
Location From IBM® Navigator for i, select Configuration and Service > System Values. Right-click on Restart and click Properties, then select the Setup tab.
Special authority None.
Default value Library: QSYS; startup program: QSTRUP.
Changes take effect The next time the controlling subsystem is started.
Lockable No.

What can I do with this system value?

You can specify the name of the program called from an autostart job when the controlling subsystem is started. This program performs setup functions, such as starting subsystems and printers. If you do not specify the name of a program, the autostart job ends normally without calling a program.

The default startup program does the following:

  • Starts the QSPL subsystem for spooled work.
  • Releases the QS36MRT and QS36EVOKE job queues if they were held (these are used by the System/36 environment).
  • Starts Operational Assistant cleanup, if allowed.
  • Starts all printers unless a user specified otherwise in the Restart requiredties.
  • Starts the QSERVER and QUSRWRK subsystems. If the controlling subsystem is QCTL, the default startup program starts the QINTER, QBATCH, and QCMN subsystems.

The program must exist in the system disk pool (also known as auxiliary storage pool) or in a basic user disk pool. The startup program is not called when the system is started in the restricted state.