Jobs system values: Time-out interval for disconnected jobs

The Time-out interval for disconnected jobs system value is also known as QDSCJOBITV. You can use this system value to specify how long a job can be disconnected before the job is ended.

Quick reference
Location From IBM® Navigator for i, select Configuration and Service > System Values. Right-click on Jobs and click Properties, then select the Interactive Jobs tab.
Special authority None.
Default value 240.
Changes take effect Immediately.
Lockable Yes.
Lockable system value
(See Lock function of security-related system values for details.)

What can I do with this system value?

You can specify the length of time in minutes that an interactive job can be disconnected before it is ended. An interactive job can become disconnected in any of the following ways:

  • When the Disconnect Job (DSCJOB) command has been issued for the job.
  • When the job has been inactive for the interval that is specified for the Time-out interval for inactive jobs (QINACTITV) system value and the Disconnect job option is specified for the When job reaches time-out (QINACTMSGQ) system value.
  • When an I/O error occurs at the interactive job's workstation and one of the Disconnect job options is specified for the Action to take when a device error occurs on the workstation (QDEVRCYACN) system value.

No matter how the job became disconnected, it is ended after the number of minutes specified in the Time-out interval for disconnected jobs system value. The system value has the following values:

Do not time-out (*NONE)
There is no interval between job disconnection and job end.
5-1440 minutes (5-1440)
Specify the number of minutes before the job is ended.