Jobs system values: Produce printer output for job log

The Produce printer output for job log system value is also known as QLOGOUTPUT. You can use this system value to specify whether the operating system creates printer output that contains the job log information for a job when it is completed. The job log's printer output can contain commands run within the job and their related messages.

This system value setting does not affect the printer output for job logs produced when the message queue is full and the job specifies to print overlaid messages. After a message queue is full, the operating system ignores this system value setting and printer output is automatically created by the job. Messages in the job message queue are written to a spooled file, from which the job log can be printed. However, if the Control Job Log Output (QMHCTLJL) API used in the job specifies that the messages in the job log are to be written to a database file, these messages are written to a database file. Changes to this system value take effect immediately for jobs entering the system after the change is made.

Quick reference
Location From IBM® Navigator for i, select Configuration and Service > System Values. Right-click on Jobs and click Properties, then select the Job Log tab.
Special authority *JOBCTL.
Default value Selected and produced by job.
Changes take effect Immediately, but does not affect jobs already started.
Lockable No.

What can I do with this system value?

If this option is selected, printer output for a job log is automatically created. You can use the printer output for auditing purposes and to troubleshoot problems if they occur. In addition, you must specify what creates the printer output of the job log, the job itself (*JOBEND) or the job log server (*JOBLOGSVR).

Select one of the following options in the Produced by field:

This option indicates that the job produces the printer output of the job log. If the job cannot produce its own printer output, the job log server produces it. For example, if the system is powered down before a job creates the printer output, the job log server creates it.
Job Log Server
This option indicates that the job log server produces the printer output. This is the recommended setting.

If this option is not selected (*PND), printer output for a job log is not automatically created. This reduces the amount of processor and storage resources consumed by unnecessary job logs. The pending job log can still be displayed or printer output can be produced at any time after the job has ended by using the Display Job Log (DSPJOBLOG) or Change Job (CHGJOB) commands.

Note: You need to delete job logs and printer output that are no longer needed. By default, pending job logs are removed along with printer output periodically by Operational Assistant. The Remove Pending Job Log (QWTRMVJL) API can also be used to remove pending job logs.