Start Cluster Node (STRCLUNOD)

The Start Cluster Node (STRCLUNOD) command is used to start Cluster Resource Services on a node in the cluster. If Cluster Resource Services is successfully started on the node specified, the status of the node will be set to Active.

As part of starting the node, Cluster Resource Services checks the allow add to cluster (ALWADDCLU) network attribute to see whether the node being started should be part of the cluster and whether to validate the cluster request through the use of X.509 digital certificates. If validation is required, the requesting node and the node being added must have the following installed on the systems:

  1. Operating System option 34 (Digital Certificate Manager)
  2. Cryptographic Access Provider Product (AC2 or AC3)

If the cluster is partitioned, this command may be used to start nodes in the partition running this command.

The potential node version of the node being started must be equal to the current cluster version or up to one level higher than the current cluster version. The potential node version and the current cluster version can be retrieved by using the Display Cluster Information (DSPCLUINF) command.

If the node being started is in a device domain, then Operating System option 41, HA Switchable Resources, must be installed and a valid license key must exist on that node.

If the node being started has cluster monitors configured, the CIM server for each monitor will be contacted. The CIM server then knows that it should be monitoring for system or logical partition failures and notifying the cluster monitor node. The cluster node will be started even if some error occurs while trying to contact the CIM server. If contact of the CIM server fails, one can use the Change Cluster Monitor (CHGCLUMON) command to cause Cluster Resource Services to attempt contact again. See the Change Cluster Monitor command for details.



Keyword Description Choices Notes
CLUSTER Cluster Name Required, Positional 1
NODE Node identifier Name Required, Positional 2

Cluster (CLUSTER)

Specifies the cluster that contains the node to be started.

This is a required parameter.

Specify the name of the cluster.

Node identifier (NODE)

Specifies the node identifier to be started.

This is a required parameter.

Specify the node to be started.
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Examples for STRCLUNOD

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This command starts Cluster Resource Services on node NODE01 for cluster MYCLUSTER.

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Error messages for STRCLUNOD

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*ESCAPE Messages

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Cluster node in cluster not started.End of change