Sign Off (SIGNOFF)

The Sign Off (SIGNOFF) command ends an interactive job or causes all jobs in a group to end. You enter this command to sign off at a work station.


  1. This command is valid only in an interactive job.
  2. If the SIGNOFF command is issued in a CL program, all subsequent commands in the CL program are bypassed.


Keyword Description Choices Notes
LOG Job log *NOLIST, *LIST Optional, Positional 1
DROP Drop line *DEVD, *YES, *NO Optional, Positional 2
ENDCNN End connection *NO, *YES Optional, Positional 3

Job log (LOG)

Specifies whether the job log for this interactive job is deleted or is included in the job's spooled output for printing. This entry takes precedence over the log value specified for the job itself.

The information in the job log, which has already been displayed throughout the job, is no longer needed and is being deleted.
The job log is spooled for printing, along with the job's remaining spooled output, if any.

Drop line (DROP)

Specifies, for switched lines only, whether the switched line attached to the work station is disconnected (dropped) if no other work stations on the same line are signed on. This parameter is ignored if the work station is attached to a nonswitched line.

The value specified for the Drop line (DROP) parameter of the work station's device description is assumed.
The switched line is disconnected when the job is ended if no other work stations on the line are signed on.
The switched line is not disconnected when the job is ended.

End connection (ENDCNN)

Specifies whether to end the connection to the current system. Ending the connection allows the user to bypass the sign-on display of the target system and return to the source system. For communication functions that do not support this option, this parameter is ignored.

The connection does not end. The sign-on display of the target system is shown.
The connection ends and the user is returned to the source system. No sign-on screen or error messages are shown from the target system.


Example 1: Signing Off and Ending an Interactive Job


This command signs off the user of the work station and ends the interactive job. The switched line is dropped only if specified in the device description of this work station and if no other work station on this line is active. An end-of-job message that gives the job start and stop times is written in the job's log.

Example 2: Printing the Job Log


This command ends the interactive job, but the switched line is not released. The job log is printed with the job's spooled output.

Example 3: Signing Off and Ending the Connection


This command ends the connection and transfers the user back to the source system.

Error messages