Digital Certificate Management APIs

The digital certificate management APIs enable X.509 type certificates to be associated with a user profile.The APIs add, remove, list, and find certificates that are associated with user profiles.

This section also includes APIs for registering applications that use certificates. Applications that need to use certificates will make themselves known by registering themselves. As part of that registration, applications will identify an exit program that is to be called:

The application is, therefore, not responsible for providing a user interface for certificate management. When the application starts, it can retrieve the name and location of the certificate assigned to the application and use it for initiating a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) session or some other operation that requires a certificate.

The digital certificate management APIs are:

Note: All of these APIs, except Register and Deregister Application for Certificate Use, require that Digital Certificate Manager, option 34 of the IBM® i licensed program (5761-SS1), be installed.

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