Add CA Certificate Trust (QycdAddCACertTrust) API

  Required Parameter Group:

 Service Program:  QICSS/QYCDCUSG

 Default Public Authority:  *USE

 Threadsafe:  Yes

The Add CA Certificate Trust (QycdAddCACertTrust) API will add a trusted certificate authority (CA) certificate to the list of trusted CA certificates for an application. The trusted CA certificate is assumed to be stored in the system certificate store (*SYSTEM). The exit program that is associated with the application will be called indicating that a CA certificate is now trusted by the application. If the exit program does not exist, or is the default value (program QSY_NOPGM in library QSY_NOLIB), the exit program will not be called.

Authorities and Locks

Authority Required
Caller must have *ALLOBJ and *SECADM special authorities.


Exit Registration Lock

Required Parameter Group

Application ID

The application identifier that the trusted CA certificate is assigned.

Length of application ID

The length of the specified application ID. The length must be a value from 1 to 100.

Trusted CA certificate ID type

The type of the trusted CA certificate ID.

You must use the following value:

Trusted CA certificate ID

The ID for the assigned trusted CA certificate. The ID is assumed to be in the coded character set ID (CCSID) of the job.

Length of trusted CA certificate ID

The length of the specified trusted CA certificate ID. The length must be a value from 1 to 1024.

Error code
I/O; CHAR(*)

The structure in which to return error information. For the format of the structure, see Error Code Parameter.

Error Messages

API introduced: IBM® i 7.4