Problem Management APIs

The problem management APIs offer you the ability to write problem management solutions, improve serviceability, and manage your own applications. The problem management APIs deal directly with how the system handles problems today. The problem log provides most of the operations necessary for problem management in a network environment.

The problem management APIs are organized into the following groups:


In the problem management APIs, a filter categorizes problem log entries into groups and performs operations on them accordingly. The problem log applies the currently active filter to a problem log entry whenever a problem entry is created, changed, or deleted using system-provided interfaces.

The operations supported allow you to send application notification to a user data queue and assign the problem to a user. Your application can receive these notifications from the data queue using existing APIs. See also Data Queue APIs.

Working with a Problem

Problem analysis is the process of finding the cause of a problem and identifying why the system is not working. Often, this process identifies equipment or data communications functions as the source of the problem. The Work with Problem (QPDWRKPB) API allows you to perform problem analysis on local machine-detected problems in the problem log. The Work with Problem (QPDWRKPB) API prepares the problem in the problem log for reporting; it does not report the problem automatically.

Key Groups

See Key Groups for Problem Log APIs for information about keys for problem log APIs.

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