QlgChown()--Change Owner and Group of File (using NLS-enabled path name)

 #include <unistd.h>

 int QlgChown(Qlg_Path_Name_T *path, uid_t owner,gid_t  
  Service Program Name: QP0LLIB1

  Default Public Authority: *USE

  Threadsafe: Conditional; see Usage Notes for chown().

The QlgChown() function, like the chown() function, changes the owner and group of a file. The difference is that the QlgChown() function takes a pointer to a Qlg_Path_Name_T structure, while chown() takes a pointer to a character string.

Limited information about the path parameter is provided here. For more information about the path parameter and for a discussion of other parameters, authorities required, return values, and related information, see chown()--Change Owner and Group of File.


(Input) A pointer to a Qlg_Path_Name_T structure that contains a path name or a pointer to a path name of the file whose owner and group are being changed. For more information about the Qlg_Path_Name_T structure, see Path name format.

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The following example changes the owner and group of a file.

Note: By using the code examples, you agree to the terms of the Code license and disclaimer information.

#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include <sys/stat.h>
#include <sys/types.h>
#include <fcntl.h>
#include <Qp0lstdi.h>

main() {
  int file_descriptor;
  struct stat info;

 #define mypath "temp.file"
 const char US_const[3]= "US";
 const char Language_const[4] ="ENU";
 typedef struct pnstruct
   Qlg_Path_Name_T qlg_struct;
   char pn[100]; /* This array size must be >= the  */
                   /* length of the path name or this must */
                   /* be a pointer to the path name.  */
 struct pnstruct path;
   /*   Initialize Qlg_Path_Name_T parameters                     */
  memset((void*)&path, 0x00, sizeof(struct pnstruct));
  path.qlg_struct.CCSID = 37;
  path.qlg_struct.Path_Type = QLG_CHAR_SINGLE;
  path.qlg_struct.Path_Length = sizeof(mypath)-1;
  path.qlg_struct.Path_Name_Delimiter[0] = '/';

  if ((file_descriptor = QlgCreat((Qlg_Path_Name_T *)&path, S_IRWXU)) == -1)
    perror("creat() error");
  else {
    QlgStat((Qlg_Path_Name_T *)&path, &info);
    printf("original owner was %d and group was %d\n", info.st_uid,
    if (QlgChown((Qlg_Path_Name_T *)&path, 152, 0) != 0)
      perror("QlgChown() error");
    else {
      QlgStat((Qlg_Path_Name_T *)&path, &info);
      printf("after QlgChown(), owner is %d and group is %d\n",
             info.st_uid, info.st_gid);
    QlgUnlink((Qlg_Path_Name_T *)&path);


original owner was 137 and group was 0
after QlgChown(), owner is 152 and group is 0

API introduced: V5R1

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