Installing, upgrading, or deleting IBM i and related software

This topic collection guides you through the concepts and procedures for installing, upgrading, or deleting IBM® i software on your system.

Use this information to install the IBM i release, part of the IBM i release, or licensed programs related to IBM i. This information also describes how to change a primary language, install a secondary language, or delete software that is related to the IBM i operating system.

The Checklist: IBM i software upgrade or replacement readiness, the Checklist: IBM i software replacement, or the Checklist: IBM i software installation readiness, contain summaries of the major task categories that you need to do before you begin to upgrade or install your software.

Note: The display examples and procedures in this topic collection show the character-based interface. Many topics in the IBM Knowledge Center assume that you have the graphical user interface (IBM Navigator for i) running. Most IBM Navigator for i functions, however, have equivalent control language commands in the character-based interface that you can use.

If you are moving your data to another system with a different serial number, see Data migrations. If you are upgrading to a new system without changing the serial number, search for topic Upgrading the system and data migration in the IBM Systems Hardware Information Center.

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