Storage Area Network (SAN) volume controller (SVC) usage

SVC is a hardware and software storage solution implementing IBM Spectrum virtualization technologies

SAN Volume Controller (SVC) appliances map physical volumes in the storage device to virtualized volumes, making them visible to host systems and other applications. SVC provides Copy Services functions that can be used to improve availability and support disaster recovery. These include Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, and Flash Copy.

PowerHA interfaces are compatible with SVC. After the basic SVC environment is configured, PowerHA can create copy sessions with the volumes. Using PowerHA with SVC management creates an automated highly available disaster recovery solution with minimal additional configuration. The PowerHA SVC interfaces are compatible with:
  • the IBM Storwize V3700, V5000, V7000, V9000 series
  • IBM SAN Volume Controller
  • hardware running IBM Spectrum Virtualize

For information about setting up and configuring the SVC to run with PowerHA for i, consult: SAN Volume Controller Knowledge Center.