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  • Single sign-onLink to PDF contains the following topics:
    • Scenarios that show how network authentication service can be used with Enterprise Identity Mapping (EIM) to provide single sign-on in an enterprise.
    • Conceptual information that explains single sign-on and its benefits.
  • Enterprise Identity Mapping Link to PDF contains the following topics:
    • Scenarios that show common implementations of EIM.
    • Conceptual and planning information that will help you understand and plan for EIM.

Other information

You can find this documentation in the AIX 5L Expansion Pack and Bonus PackLink outside the Information center CD, or in the Network Authentication Enablement CD:
  • Manuals:
    • IBM Network Authentication Service AIX®, Linux®, and Solaris Administrator's and User's Guide.
    • IBM Network Authentication Service AIX, Linux, and Solaris Application Development Reference.

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