User profiles

On the IBM® i operating system, every system user has a user profile.

At security level 10, the system automatically creates a profile when a user first signs on. At higher security levels, you must create a user profile before a user can sign on.

The user profile is a powerful and flexible tool. It controls what the user can do and customizes the way the system appears to the user. The following list describes some of the important security features of the user profile:
Special authority
Special authorities determine whether the user is allowed to perform system functions, such as creating user profiles or changing the jobs of other users.
Initial menu and initial program
The initial menu and program determine what the user sees after signing on the system. You can limit a user to a specific set of tasks by restricting the user to an initial menu.
Limit capabilities
The limit capabilities field in the user profile determines whether the user can enter commands and change the initial menu or initial program when signing on.