Security reference

This topic collection provides information about planning, setting up, managing, and auditing security on your IBM® i platform. It describes all the features of security on the platform and discusses how security features relate to other aspects of the system, such as work management, backup and recovery, and application design.

This topic collection does not provide complete operational instructions for setting up security on your system. For a step-by-step example of setting up security, see the Planning and setting up system security topic.

This topic collection does not provide complete information about planning for IBM Lotus® Domino® users. For Lotus Domino users, see the Lotus documentation at This Web site provides information about IBM Lotus Notes®, Lotus Domino, and IBM Lotus Domino for IBM i. From this Web site, you can download information in Domino database (.nsf) format or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) format, search databases, and find out how to obtain printed manuals.

This topic collection does not contain complete information about the application programming interfaces (APIs) that are available to access security information. This topic does not contain information about the Internet. For information about considerations when you connect your system to the Internet, see System i and Internet security.