Analyzing user profiles

You can display or print a complete list of all the users on your system by using the Display Authorized Users (DSPAUTUSR) command.

The list can be sequenced by profile name or group profile name. Here is an example of the group profile sequence.

                           Display Authorized Users
Group       User        Last         No
Profile     Profile     Changed   Password  Text
            ANDERSOR    08/04/0x            Roger Anders
            VINCENTM    09/15/0x            Mark Vincent
            ANDERSOR    08/04/0x            Roger Anders
            WAGNERR     09/06/0x            Rose Wagner
            JONESS      09/20/0x            Sharon Jones
            HARRISOK    08/29/0x            Ken Harrison
            DPTSM       09/05/0x    X       Sales and Marketing
            DPTWH       08/13/0x    X       Warehouse
            RICHARDS    09/05/0x            Janet Richards
            SMITHJ      09/18/0x            John Smith