Analyzing object and library authorities

You can audit the object and library authorities on your system.

You can use the following method to determine who has authority to libraries on the system:

  1. Use the DSPOBJD command to list all the libraries on the system:
  2. Use the Display Object Authority (DSPOBJAUT) command to list the authorities to a specific library:
    DSPOBJAUT OBJ(library-name) OBJTYPE(*LIB) +
              ASPDEV(asp-device-name) OUTPUT(*PRINT)
  3. Use the Display Library (DSPLIB) command to list the objects in the library:
    DSPLIB LIB(library-name) ASPDEV(asp-device-name) OUTPUT(*PRINT)

Using these reports, you can determine what is in a library and who has access to the library. If necessary, you can use the DSPOBJAUT command to view the authority for selected objects in the library also.