Experience Report
Reclaim spooled file storage

This experience report is meant to provide information that will help customers decide on the best use of the reclaim spool storage features to avoid causing performance problems.

As hardware capacity and workloads on the system increase, customers are creating larger numbers of spooled files. To try to control the balance between spool performance and the amount of auxiliary storage used by these spooled files, more customers are making use of the RCLSPLSTG command or the QRCLSPLSTG system value. Misuse of these features can cause performance problems in high volume spooling environments.

Specifically, this report will:

  • Provide general information about how the operating system uses the QRCLSPLSTG system value to control the reuse of database members in QSPL.
  • Provide information about messages that can be expected if performance problems are encountered due to improper use of the reclaim spooled file storage features.
  • Give general recommendations for setting of the system value QRCLSPLSTG.
  • Give general recommendations for the use of the RCLSPLSTG CL command.
  • Describe several scenarios which illustrate how the spooling function of the operating system utilizes a database member depending on the use of these reclaim features.

This report assumes that you are familiar with basic information about spooled files and output queues. You can read more about these topics in Basic printing.

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Kevin Vette

Published date

August 2006