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User spaces

User spaces, including the data within the user space can be replicated.

User spaces are, by default, disabled for replication. To establish user spaces as eligible for replication, refer to Object replication controls.

Changes made to a user space using the Change User Space (QUSCHGUS) API are replicated by saving the object on the source node and restoring it to the target node.

Changes made to a user space by using the Retrieve Pointer to User Space (QUSPTRUS) API to get a pointer to the object and then writing directly into the space with an assignment statement in the program are not replicated.

Changes made to a user space using an integrated file system interface will not be replicated. This includes calling an integrated file system API, using the Edit File (EDTF) command, or through a server such as the IBM® i NetServer.

Changing the Allow User Domain (QALWUSRDMN) system value may affect the domain of a user space when it is replicated.

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