Planning a backup and recovery strategy

If you lose information on your system, you need to use your backup copies of the information. This topic collection contains information about how to plan your strategy and make the choices you need to set up your system for backup, recovery, and availability.

The IBM® i products are very reliable. You might run your system for months or even years without experiencing any problems that cause you to lose information on your system. However, as the frequency of the computer problems decreases, the potential impact of the problems increases. Businesses are becoming more dependent on computers and the information that is stored in them. The information that is in your computer might not be available anywhere else.

Saving the information on your system is time-consuming and requires discipline. Why should you do it? Why should you spend time on planning and evaluating it?

The Backup and recovery timeline provides a high-level overview of the events that occur during the backup and recovery process.

After you study the backup and recovery timeline, you can start to plan your strategy by following these steps:

  1. Know what to save and how often to save it.
  2. Find your save window.
  3. Choose the availability options.
  4. Test your strategy.