Incremental recovery to a different Lotus server or different directory

The Save Domino® Server using BRMS (SAVDOMBRM) command uses the Lotus® C Backup and Recovery Application Programming Interface (API) to provide backup and restore services for Domino databases. The Lotus C APIs operate on a database level. To recover a document in a database, the entire database must be restored to a point in time when the document was available. If you need to recover a document and preserve new documents created after this point in time, then you must either restore the database to a different server, or restore the database to a different directory under the data directory of the current Domino server. The desired document or documents can then be copied to the original database. This preserves the original database and allows recovery of the requested documents. The ability to restore to a point in time is available if your currently active server has been previously set up to be incrementally saved, and at least one full save has occurred.