Viewing a key record's attributes

Even though you cannot view the value of the key, you can view the attributes of a key stored in a keystore file. These include the key record label, the key type, the key size, the disallowed functions, the id of the master key that encrypts the key value and the Key Verification Value (KVV) of the master key.

To view a key record’s attributes using IBM® Navigator for i, follow these steps:
  1. Select Security from your IBM Navigator for i window.
  2. Select Cryptographic Services Key Management.
  3. Select Manage Cryptographic Keystore Files.
  4. Select the Keystore that contains the key record that you want to view the attributes for.
  5. Select the Key record that you want to view.
  6. Select Properties from the Select Actions menu.

You can also use the Display Keystore File Entry (DSPCKMKSFE) CL command to display the attributes of a keystore file record.

Or, if you prefer to write your own application, you can use the Retrieve Key Record Attributes (QC3RTVKA; Qc3RetrieveKeyRecordAtr) or Retrieve Keystore Records (QC3RTVKS, Qc3RetrieveKeystoreRecords) API.