Group profiles

A group profile is a special type of user profile that provides the same authority to a group of users.

A group profile serves two purposes on the system:
Security tool
A group profile provides a method for organizing authorities on your system and sharing them among users. You can define object authorities or special authorities for group profiles rather than for each individual user profile. A user can be a member of up to 16 group profiles.
Customizing tool
A group profile can be used as a pattern for creating individual user profiles. Most people who are part of the same group have the same customizing needs, such as the initial menu and the default printer. You can define these things in the group profile and then copy the group profile to create individual user profiles.

You create group profiles in the same way that you create individual profiles. The system recognizes a group profile when you add the first member to it. At that point, the system sets information in the profile indicating that it is a group profile. The system also generates a group identification number (gid) for the profile. You can also designate a profile as a group profile at the time when you create it by specifying a value in the gid parameter. Planning group profiles shows an example of setting up a group profile.