Configuring DS8000 Full System HyperSwap

For System i® high availability solutions using HyperSwap®, detection of the HyperSwap configuration is automatic on the System i machine after appropriate configuration has been performed on the IBM® System Storage® external storage units.

The steps assume knowledge of configuring and managing an IBM System Storage DS8000®. For information about using an IBM System Storage DS8000 unit, see Copy Services in the IBM System Storage DS8000 Information Center.

To configure HyperSwap, follow these steps:
  1. Create LUNs on the source DS8000.
  2. Assign LUNs on source DS8000 to the System i machine.
  3. Create LUNs on the target DS8000. Do not assign them to the System i until after Metro Mirror is configured.
  4. Configure Metro Mirror between the source and target DS8000.
  5. Assign the LUNs on the target DS8000 to the same System i machine.
  6. Verify the HyperSwap configuration with the Display HyperSwap Status (DSPHYSSTS) command.

To understand how HyperSwap interfaces with affinity, see Defining HyperSwap Affinity

If your established HyperSwap environment requires additional disk units for more capacity, read Adding disk units to a HyperSwap configuration.