Creating an intrusion detection policy based on another policy

If you want to create an IDS policy with many of the same characteristics (such as IP addresses, ports, and notification method), you can create an IDS policy that is based on another policy.

Prerequisite: You must have *ALLOBJ and *IOSYSCFG authority to work with intrusion detection policies.

Creating a policy based on another in IBM Navigator for i

To create an intrusion detection policy based on another policy in IBM® Navigator for i, perform these steps:
  1. Expand Security > Intrusion Detection.
  2. Click Manage Policies.
  3. Select an intrusion detection policy and select New Based On from the Actions menu.
  4. On the General tab, enter the new policy name and change any of the other settings on the other properties tabs.
  5. Click OK on the New Policy Based On page to save the intrusion detection policy. The new intrusion detection policy appears in the list of policies.