Java Development Kit

The Java™ Development Kit (JDK) is software for Java developers. It includes the Java interpreter, Java classes, and Java development tools: compiler, debugger, disassembler, appletviewer, stub file generator, and documentation generator.

The JDK enables you to write applications that are developed once and run anywhere on any Java virtual machine. Java applications that are developed with the JDK on one system can be used on another system without changing or recompiling the code. The Java class files are portable to any standard Java virtual machine.

To find more information about the current JDK, check the version of the IBM® Developer Kit for Java on your server.

You can check the version of the default IBM Developer Kit for Java Java virtual machine on your server by entering either of the following commands:

  • java -version on the Qshell command prompt.
  • RUNJVA CLASS(*VERSION) on the CL command line.

Then, look for the same version of Oracle. JDK at The Source for Java Technology Link outside Information Center for specific documentation. The IBM Developer Kit for Java is a compatible implementation of the Oracle Java Technology, so you should be familiar with their JDK documentation.

Java packages

A Java package is a way of grouping related classes and interfaces in Java. Java packages are similar to class libraries that are available in other languages.

The Java packages, which provide the Java APIs, are available as part of Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK). For a complete list of Java packages and information on Java APIs, see Java 2 Platform Packages.

Java tools

For a complete list of tools that Oracle. Java Development Kit supplies, see the Tools Reference by Oracle. For more information about each individual tool that the IBM Developer Kit for Java supports, see Java tools that are supported by the IBM Developer Kit for Java.