Migrating from AnyNet to Enterprise Extender

Enterprise Extender is to be used in place of AnyNet®. To do the conversion, you must migrate the existing AnyNet configurations to the HPRIP controllers.

Note: Starting in IBM® i 7.1, AnyNet is no longer supported. Users of AnyNet are encouraged to migrate to Enterprise Extender as a replacement.

To configure Enterprise Extender support to run over Point-to-Point Protocol (PPP) lines and perform switched line disconnect, refer to Configure Enterprise Extender to perform switched line disconnect.

Consider the following factors when you do migration:

  • While AnyNet could handle several remote links with only one controller, Enterprise Extender needs one HPRIP controller for each remote node that has a direct link. A new controller description must be created for each remote node that is being migrated from AnyNet.
  • AnyNet provided low-entry networking (LEN) functions, and not full APPN support. HPRIP controllers provide full APPN functions. Remote definitions on the configuration lists need to be deleted.
  • TCP host definition entries are no longer required for Enterprise Extender because the mapping is done in the controller definition.

To perform a migration from AnyNet to Enterprise Extender, see the following topics: