Collection Services data files

You can generate database files from the collection objects maintained by Collection Services. Use this topic to find the names, descriptions and attributes of these database files.

Performance data is a set of information about the operation of a system (or network of systems) that can be used to understand response time and throughput. You can use performance data to make adjustments to programs, system attributes, and operations. These adjustments can improve response times and throughputs. Adjustments can also help you to predict the effects of certain changes to the system, operation, or program.

Collection Services collects performance data into a management collection object (*MGTCOL). The Create Performance Data (CRTPFRDTA) command processes data from that collection object and stores the result into performance database files.

Additional field information, such as number of bytes and buffer position, is available by using the Display File Field Description (DSPFFD) command. For example, type the following on any command line: