DS8000 HyperSwap with independent auxiliary storage pools (IASPs)

In IBM® i high availability environments, use HyperSwap® as a means to help reduce or eliminate outages due to storage and SAN-related outages.

HyperSwap is a storage high availability solution that allows for logical units that are mirrored between two IBM System Storage® DS8000® units to be switched with a near zero outage time. When HyperSwap is implemented at an IASP level, it can be combined with other PowerHA® technologies to provide a minimal downtime solution for planned and unplanned storage outages, and a minimal downtime solution for server planned and unplanned outages.

To use HyperSwap, you must have IBM PowerHA for i Enterprise Edition installed on your system. To use DS8000 HyperSwap with IASPs does require a cluster and does use PowerHA technologies.