DS8000 Full System HyperSwap

In IBM® i high availability environments, use HyperSwap® as a means to help reduce or eliminate outages due to storage and SAN-related outages.

Full system HyperSwap is a single system IBM i storage hardware high availability solution that uses Metro Mirror on IBM Systems Storage DS8000® devices to maintain a consistent copy of the data between two IBM Systems Storage external storage units. Full system HyperSwap allows for a planned or unplanned IBM Systems Storage external storage device switchover to occur without taking applications offline for the switchover. Full system HyperSwap supports full system (SYSBAS) replication only, and does not support independent disk pool replication.

Full system HyperSwap has the same distance limitations as a traditional Metro Mirror cross site mirroring solution. The source and target volumes can be on the same external storage unit or on separate external storage units. In the case of separate units, the target storage unit can be located at another site up to 300 kilometers (186 miles) away. However, there might be performance implications when using synchronous communications over this distance and it might be more practical to consider one shorter to minimize the performance impact.

To use full system HyperSwap, you must have IBM PowerHA® for i Express® Edition installed on your system. To use full system HyperSwap does not require a cluster and does not use cluster technologies.