Minimum Length of Passwords (QPWDMINLEN)

The Minimum Length of Passwords (QPWDMINLEN) system value controls the minimum number of characters in a password.

  1. This system value is a restricted value. See Security system values for details on how to restrict changes to security system values and a complete list of the restricted system values.
  2. If the QPWDRULES system value is any value other than *PWDSYSVAL, this system value cannot be changed and its value will be ignored when new passwords are checked to see if they are formed correctly.
Table 1. Possible values for the QPWDMINLEN system value:
Value Description
6 A minimum of six characters are required for passwords.
minimum-number-of-characters Specify a value of 1 through 10 when the password level (QPWDLVL) system value is 0 or 1. Specify a value of 1 through 128 when the password level (QPWDLVL) system value is 2 or 3.

Recommended value: 7 is recommended to prevent users from assigning passwords that are easily guessed, such as initials or a single character.