The Qshell command kpasswd changes a password for a Kerberos principal.


kpasswd [-A ] [principal]

Default public authority: *USE


The initial ticket used by the kpasswd command will not contain a list of client addresses. The ticket will contain the local host address list if this option is not specified. When an initial ticket contains an address list, it can be used only from one of the addresses in the address list.
The principal whose password is to be changed. The principal will be obtained from the default credentials cache if the principal is not specified on the command line.


  • Principal %3$s is not valid.
  • Unable to read default credentials cache file_name.
  • No default credentials cache.
  • Unable to retrieve ticket from credentials cache file_name.
  • Unable to read password.
  • Password change canceled.
  • Password is not correct for principal_name.
  • Unable to obtain initial ticket.
  • Password change request failed.

For an example of how this command is used, see Changing Kerberos passwords.