Windows Application Package

The IBM® i Access Client Solutions - Windows Application Package provides middleware for using and developing client applications to a user who is running Windows operating systems.

Users and application programmers can use Windows Application Package to leverage business information, applications, and resources across an enterprise by extending the IBM i resources to the PC desktop.

Windows Application Package has the following features:

  • It includes an extensive number of application programming interfaces (APIs), such as APIs for ODBC, Active X, ADO, OLE DB, and ADO.NET.
  • It is a Windows client used over TCP/IP.
  • Enabled the use of SQL statements, stored procedures, data queues, programs, and commands to develop your client/server applications, and also give you record-level access to logical and physical Db2® for i database files using the Db2 for i OLE DB Providers.
  • It communicates with IBM i platforms over a secure connection that uses Transport Level Security (TLS) encryption. In addition, it supports FIPS-compliance (Federal Information Processing Standards), by a client-side, TLS encryption switch.
  • Enables the use of .NET technologies to read and retrieve data, make changes, and run SQL commands against data objects on your IBM i Access platform using Db2 for IBM i .NET Provider.

For complete documentation on using Windows Application Package, see the IBM i Access Client Solutions User's Guide, an online help system available with the product.