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Access to lazy-load tables through NEWNAV in QNEWNAVSRV

IBM® Navigator for i uses a lazy-load function to provide large lists of data more efficiently to the user. The lazy-load service uses the NEWNAV procedure which has moved from library QUSRSYS to library QNEWNAVSRV. This process changed in the June 2022 PTFs - HTTP Group PTF for IBM i 7.5 SF99952 level 03, IBM i 7.4 SF99662 level 21, and IBM i 7.3 SF99722 level 40.

When the lazy load function is first set up, the user logged in is required to have enough authority for the NEWNAV service program to be set up in QNEWNAVSRV library. This is a requirement for Navigator.

If the first user is a limited user (*USER) with no special authorities, the lazy load function will fail with message that there is not enough authority: [Error SQL0551] Not authorized to object QNEWNAVSRV in QSYS type *LIB

When a subsequent IBM Navigator for i PTF is applied after the QNEWNAVSRV/NEWNAV service program is created, the PTF exit program changes the owner of QNEWNAVSRV/NEWNAV to QWEBADMIN.

The lazy load function is in use by the following tables: active job, users, printer output, event logs, collection authorities, and PTF. Others not listed here will be added as needed.

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