Setting the guest user profile for IBM i NetServer

A guest user profile provides a base level of access for clients who do not have a valid user profile. According to the needs, you can grant different levels of authority to different guests by setting the guest user profile.

You can set the user profile that IBM® i NetServer uses for guest users using System i® Navigator. You can also specify what level of authority guests will have to IBM i shared resources using IBM i NetServer. You need input/output system configuration (*IOSYSCFG) and security administrator (*SECADM) special authority to change the guest user profile information. The change to the guest user profile does not take place until the next time IBM i NetServer is started.

To set the guest user profile for IBM i NetServer, follow these steps:

  1. Open System i Navigator and connect to the system you want to work with.
  2. Expand Network > Servers.
  3. Click TCP/IP to retrieve a list of TCP/IP servers available.
  4. Right-click IBM i NetServer and select Properties.
  5. Go to the Advanced dialog box and click Next Start.
  6. In the Guest User Profile field, type the user profile that you want guests to have when they use IBM i NetServer.
    1. If you leave this field blank, then unknown users do not have access to resources through IBM i NetServer.
    2. The guest user profile that you specify cannot have any special authorities. Guests should have little or no authority on IBM i.