Software requirements for geographic mirroring

If you plan to use geographic mirroring as part of an IBM i high availability solution, the following software is required.

  • To use advanced features of geographic mirroring, IBM® PowerHA® SystemMirror® for i license program must be installed.
  • To use new and enhanced functions and features of this technology, it is recommended that you install the most current release and version of the operating system on each system or logical partition that is participating in a high-availability solution that is based on this technology. If the production system and backup system are at different operating system releases, it is required that the backup system be at the more current release. This scenario can be used to upgrade a production environment to the next release.
    Note: Once the IASP has been switched and varied on to the newer release system, it cannot be switched back until the new target system has also been upgraded.
  • To perform some of the disk management tasks necessary to implement independent disk pools, use the Configure Device ASP (CFGDEVASP) command, or IBM Navigator for i.
  • You need to install IBM i Option 41 HA Switchable Resources. Option 41 gives you the capability to switch independent disk pools between systems. To switch an independent disk pool between systems, the systems must be members of a cluster and the independent switched disk must be associated with a device cluster resource group in that cluster. Option 41 is also required for working with high availability management interfaces, which are provided as part of the IBM PowerHA SystemMirror for i licensed program.