Displaying or changing Metro Mirror properties

Display information about a metro mirroring session to change the associated copy descriptions.

Displaying or changing metro mirroring properties with PowerHA® licensed program is installed

To change metro mirroring properties by using the PowerHA graphical interface, follow these steps:
  1. In a Web browser, enter http://mysystem:2001, where mysystem is the host name of the system.
  2. Log on to the system with your user profile and password.
  3. Click PowerHA in the IBM® Navigator for iwindow.
  4. On the PowerHA page, click Independent ASPs.
  5. On the Independent ASPs page, select Details… from the context menu of the independent disk pool for which you want to change the metro mirroring properties.
  6. On the Independent ASP Details page, select Properties… from the context menu of either the production or mirror copy.
  7. On the Properties page, click Edit in the Advanced section.
  8. Make changes to the properties and click Save.