Data Storage command-line interface (DSCLI)

DSCLI management is one type of optional configuration of PowerHA enterprise storage servers.

The Data storage command-line interface is a tool that communicates with DS8000 series storage units. It is designed to provide simplified management control of Peer-to-peer remote copy sessions. With this tool, you can manage or monitor the status of copy sessions, create logical storage volumes, create and manage resource groups or change and delete copy sessions.

Using the DS8000 series requires that cluster nodes maintain communication in order to monitor replication status, failover messages, and switching actions. Communication is through the data storage command-line interface (DSCLI)

Some notes and prerequisites for DSCLI usage include:
  • For DS8000 System Storage Devices, the IBM PowerHA for i licensed program also requires storage command-line interface (DSCLI). DSCLI can be used for all IBM DS8000 Series System Storage solutions, such as FlashCopy, Metro Mirror, Global Mirror, and use with LUN level switching.
  • There is a requirement to have DSCLI installed on each of the systems or partitions participating in the high availability solution.
  • DSCLI has additional software requirements:
    • A supported Java version.
    • That Option 35 (CCA Cryptographic Service Provider) is installed on each system or partition.

For further information about DSCLI, visit the Command-line interface section of the DS8870 Knowledge Center.